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About Peregrine

Peregrine Company is southwest Michigan’s answer to luxury, high-end spaces in both the residential and commercial development realm. Our apartments include superior, concierge customer service and clean, contemporary design in both Douglas and Kalamazoo with the option for furnished apartments. The commercial properties boast ideal locations in the center of downtown Kalamazoo. We also offer many parking options in Kalamazoo’s central business district.

The History & People of Peregrine

Tom Huff

Tom T. Huff, Owner

Tom T. Huff, Founder

The bulk of what Peregrine Company is today started as a hobby for our owner, Tom Huff. Born and raised in Kalamazoo, he witnessed the decline of the city’s downtown and desired to rejuvenate the area. After establishing a career as an attorney, Tom turned his passion for real estate into a way to spur economic development in the area with the creation of Peregrine Company.

He pioneered the creation of loft apartments in downtown Kalamazoo, the first of which was at 228 E. Michigan Avenue above the Golden Needle Shop. Tom’s innovative thinking also led to the first instance of underground parking below apartment and commercial buildings in downtown Kalamazoo.

Tom served as owner for more than 40 years and remains Peregrine Company’s general counsel in addition to being a practicing attorney and community leader.

Natalie Huff Valentine, President

Natalie Huff Valentine, Owner and President

Natalie serves as Peregrine Company’s Owner and President. As a developer, property manager, marketer, and licensed real estate agent, she is responsible for evaluating apartment, retail, and mixed-use development opportunities; managing and coordinating development activities related to financing, governmental, design, construction and marketing; and overseeing all accounting and cash management functions.

Janine Scott, Leasing Manager

Janine Scott, Leasing Manager

Janine has worked with Tom for more than 40 years. Fulfilling the title of Leasing Manager, she has honed her real estate expertise encompassing the areas of management, operations, and, most importantly, leasing. Janine has a love and passion for what she does and she does it well!  Her network of contacts, ability to connect with people, and connection to the community keeps her at the top of the market. She also serves as a legal assistant for Huff PC.

Ryan Burns, Chief Operations Officer

Ryan joins the Peregrine Team as our Chief Operations Officer. Along with his leadership role within the company, Ryan will focus his attention on managing and maintaining all Peregrine properties as well as leading our new development projects. With a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree, Ryan previously enjoyed a career leading product development teams within the automotive and HVAC equipment industries.

Ryan has always had a love for creating world-class products and providing excellent customer service, and he is excited to apply those passions to property development and management in downtown Kalamazoo.

Scout Krueger, Executive Assistant

The Peregrine team is happy to have Scout Krueger as our Executive Assistant. She will put her education in business management and years of hospitality experience to good use, fulfilling many roles and responsibilities from administrative support to marketing. Scout is excited to join the family-owned Peregrine team and admires the company’s love for the Kalamazoo community and its commitment to the businesses they serve.

Ron Conley, Maintenance Manager

Ron Conley, Maintenance Manager

Ron Conley, Maintenance Manager

With 15 mixed-use buildings containing retail, office, and more than 70 luxury residential apartments all within the central business district, Peregrine Company and its industry-leading team have established themselves as the source for luxurious and high-end spaces in downtown Kalamazoo. In addition, Peregrine also owns and operates five parking lots.

We are proud of Peregrine’s contribution to the revitalization of the downtown district and dedicated to the redevelopment of existing buildings to bolster Kalamazoo’s economic impact and create a vibrant future for Kalamazoo as a whole.


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