Units Available Now

Peregrine 100  is now leasing!  Call 269.226.6336 for more information.

Peregrine Tower unit 201 is available now

Peregrine Tower unit 204 is available now

Peregrine Tower unit 601 will be available in April

Peregrine Tower unit 602 is available in April

Peregrine Plaza unit 208 is available in May

Suite 110 in Peregrine Plaza

Please call Janine at 269.226.6336 for details.

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About Peregrine

Peregrine Company is southwest Michigan’s answer to luxury, high-end spaces in both the residential and commercial development realm. Our residential spaces include superior, concierge customer service and clean, contemporary design with the option for furnished units. The commercial properties boast ideal locations in the center of downtown Kalamazoo.

We also offer many parking options in Kalamazoo. Learn more about Peregrine Company or contact us today!

Map of Our Properties